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2015. szeptember 7., hétfő, 13:55

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The structure

The mid-range/sub speaker diaphragms inside the S300 enclosure are made up of the previously mentioned polymer-covered fibre glass structure. However, fibre glass appears not only here, as it is also used in the dust cap and the oscillator coil body. Naturally, the speaker basket is of aluminium alloy and air flow requirements were also taken into consideration during the design process. The high tone tweeter is dome-shaped, meaning that it looks classical on the outside. However, the device hidden inside is highly complex. Apart from the air gap insert ring designed to reduce torsion and often found inside high-end speakers, there are several damping layers, different inserts regulating internal air flow, damping ring and shielding can also be found.

MK Sound S300 hangfal

Coupling the parts with the double-walled enclosures is no easy feat, either. The three high tone tweeters are mounted on an aluminium alloy frame, then this module is installed in the front panel. M&K Sound used a thick steel sheet to clamp the subwoofers. The loudspeakers are constructed according to the box-in-a-box principle, meaning that the MDF sides are double-walled, with heavy damping material in-between, which not only damps a lot of mid-range and high-frequency vibration, but also increases the weight, i. e. the physical inertia, of the enclosure.

A little curiosity: the high tone tweeters come with 2 adhesive-backed acoustic foam stripes each, to be stuck between the domes if you intend to sit close to the speakers. This small accessory mainly helps studio utilisation, meaning we had no use for them in our actual setup. However, this foam strip is a reminder that the manufacturer continues to cater for the needs of professionals. This model was not made to entertain the masses, but to achieve high-fidelity, realistic sound.

MK Sound S300T háttérsugárzó

The rear speakers are S300T tripole types, with technical specifications similar to those above. They are of smaller volume, meaning that the multi-component speaker fastening used in the S300 cannot be utilised in their case. In spite of this, the three-chamber enclosure is not an ordinary device. The speakers installed in the front panel are the same type as in the S300, while the side panels hold 2 pieces of 4? diaphragms each, with separate air chambers.

MK Sound X10 Push-Pull aktív mélyláda

The subwoofer is of the X10 type, which employs push-pull drivers, a hallmark of the brand. As we wrote earlier, this solution is a great choice from the aspect of sound quality, but production is difficult and expensive, as the installed parts have to withstand significantly higher loads than in case of the classic reflex or passive diaphragm setups. The enclosure weighs nearly 30 kg and was placed under the screen.

MK Sound X12 Push-Pull aktív mélyláda

In the setup we used for testing, the front and centre speakers were made up of 3xS300 units, comprising 1 left front and 2 right front channels. Interestingly, the manufacturer recommends that this latter should be used as the centre speaker. In this case, the centre speaker was positioned above the screen, which we liked during the tests.

Four S300T speakers served as rear channels. Apart from the matte black finish seen in cinemas, this model is also available in white, complete with pretty white fabric front panels.

We tested it ? twice!

We tested the complete system two times. First, the Marantz AV8802A processor was complemented by a Marantz MM8077 terminal amplifier; the second time, a NAD Masters M27 power amplifier undertook this no easy feat. During the tests, we listened to the usual, well-known songs, of which Hit Man Returns: David Foster and Friends (Michael Bubble) and Art of Flight should be emphasised. Also worth mentioning is Metallica?s film Through the Never, not only because of Antal Nimród, but also because its thick and rich sound makes it stand out a bit from the rest.

MK Sound S300 házimozi hangfalszett

The first date is always unforgettable? Alright, now that is an exaggeration. After all, we are talking about a loudspeaker system, not our future wife. Regardless, the M&K Sound S300 series is a hell of a beast. When we arrived, a DALI test CD was being played, which we had listened to death before, yet the sound was definitely refreshing. Musical! This was our first exclamation, which we shall not take back, even if we are well aware that a speaker set should not be judged based on a couple of songs. We were just sitting there, enjoying the music. We tried to find faults with the sound, attempted to get a grip on the system, but we were unable to. We cannot diminish the excellence of the system by saying that "it is good considering it is a home theatre". It is simply good and that is all there is. The mid-range sound is rich and detailed, making us believe most of the time that we are facing a serious loudspeaker set. The analytic, almost aggressively dynamic nature so typical of monitors did not come through during the tests.

Of course, we also gave films a try - that was why he had come for, after all. The local team did not mess around much. For starters, they fired up Interstellar, giving the speakers and our ears a thorough test. The 10-year-old boy next to us even stood up and left, saying the volume was too much for him to bear. We persevered, however, looking for tiny traces of distortion. But to no avail. Not even the proportions were distorted. The relevance of high tones and the relentlessness of mid-range sounds were especially impressive. The M&K Sound provided excellent bass, and with the subwoofer hidden behind the seats, it almost felt as if we were in a theme park. Alright, alright! We know you do not listen to bass using your backside, but still: when the spaceship lifts off among a myriad of cracking-crunching sounds and your seat also trembles in harmony with what is happening on-screen, then you simply cannot help smiling in joy. We checked out several films and the experience hardly changed a bit. The system built around the Marantz processor and power amplifier was undeniably powerful, pleasant and suitable for listening to music as well. Still, we were terribly intrigued by one question: what if we connected these brutally powerful boxes to a more powerful terminal amplifier? We received an answer during the second test?

The big question was whether the centre speaker located above the screen would work out. And it did. The speaker placed high above merged nicely with the overall view of the fronts and dialogues did not seem to come off-screen, either. Let us remark at this point that if a character on screen can be seen at least down to the waist, then their mouth is closer to the top edge of the screen than to the bottom one; so in theory and in this particular case, this arrangement is closer to the ideal one, compared to the speaker placed underneath the screen. Of course, if you are using a proper (woven or perforated) screen, then you can also hide the centre and front speakers behind it, placing all three of them at the same height. This is advantageous not only from an aesthetic aspect, but also meets the THX recommendations.

MK Sound S300 házimozi hangfalszett

The second test was conducted a few weeks later, complemented by a NAD terminal amplifier. By this time, the system had been completely operational and precisely calibrated, and boasted 4 additional high tone (Atmos) channels as well. Initially, the change was not evident. We really liked what we heard, but we had had no complaints beforehand, either. Then we experienced some film segments and a couple of live songs that made the high tone tweeters work more. The sound we had described as musical earlier now turned more aggressive, faster and more dynamic, while the high tone range became more punctual and open. The cinema feel prevailed even more, if you like. Compared to this, the previous musicality was a sort of benevolent concealment of the limits of a purely Marantz-based system. Not that we have any reason to criticise the Marantz electronics, but the NAD Master (at a considerably higher price) indeed performed better.


The system complemented by the Dolby Atmos high tone channels divided the audience a bit. Three of those present liked the extra experience provided by the additional channels, while one person admitted that they do not find this feature overly exciting. However, everyone agreed that the difference is similar to driving a car with the windows down or driving a convertible. Of course, part of the reason for this division in opinion was that of the demo materials we listened to the Dolby Atmos presentation disc is boring by now, and Transformers: Age of Extinction? Well, there are quite a number of films that we would not mind watching over and over again in a really good home theatre, but this work is not one of those. Hopefully, time will solve this issue, as there are more and more films released with support for this sound format. But to return to what we heard, sound quality remained excellent, the spatial positioning of sound effects perhaps improved a little, yet the real plus was an increased sense of atmosphere and immersion. Of course, the processor and the fine-tuning played a greater role in this than the loudspeakers, which also performed great in a 7.2 setup.

MK Sound S300 házimozi hangfalszett


Surely, the M&K Sound S300 will sing its siren?s call to cinema fans with an interest in technology, as the manufacturer's pedigree and the monitor-like appearance of the speakers foreshadow absolutely professional quality. However, this speaker type is not only interesting for technology aficionados, but also for those who want to build up a professional home theatre system from scratch. The loudspeakers may be hidden behind the screen or mounted in wall recesses, and due to its output, it is an excellent choice in case of large rooms as well. If you choose a proper amplifier, then the sound will enthral and captivate the entire audience in such a way that no multiplex cinema today is capable of.


M&K Sound introduced itself and we got to like it. This is some serious hardware, and not only in terms of volume. We were not necessarily surprised by its dynamics and speed, as the sight of the monitor-like enclosures had somewhat prepared us for what was to come. And perhaps also because all of this seemed natural, as presented by M&K Sound. However, the light power of high tones still caught us off guard. Beyond doubt, this is owing to the three dome-shaped speaker configuration. The way the speakers handled high volume also surprised us. They are not merely restrained, but almost calm. As if it was easy to create vibration in every nook and cranny of the room. It is worth paying a visit now to Home Movie, for it is great fun to sit smiling inadvertently in your seat while watching a loud film sequence. It is also interesting to see how a true home cinema is capable of providing a musical experience that makes your jaw drop in surprise.

Our oppinion

A sound that is precise and full of energy. A great and rare combination for both movies and music

The triple tweeter design eases stress on he domes, while boosts surface area. This gives amazing stability and smoothness, from low to high sound pressures

The massive, reinforced cabinet is combined with a speaker set and crossover, capable to deliver great sound pressure. This shows its greatest values when combined with big amplifiers

The lack of factory designed stands makes designing and setting up a system a bit trickier


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