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Dream Cinema bemutatás

2013. augusztus 16., péntek, 15:00

DREAMCINEMA Kaleidescape Digital Projection Screen Research Screen Innovations mozivászon házimozi házimozi projektor filmszínház bemutató szalon Dream Cinema DREAMCINEMA

In the framework of our series presenting domestic distributors, we have visited a new saloon, DREAMCINEMA's Demo House this time. We have looked around to find out  if this young company has got anything new to show us, or is any way better or more than the others.

We are always happy if a distributor improves its mock-up room providing their clients a higher level of customer service at least in an aesthetic sense. This time though we've got a brand new company here, starting up from scratch with no antecedents. We could compare them to their competitors, but we do not do it. DREAMCINEMA has its own character already making any comparison pointless! What we mean by that you'll find out soon enough.

Dream Cinema

Although they are proud to have built and installed several home theaters and all the experts working there have significant working experience, DREAMCINEMA talks about the birth of the company in its introduction with surprising candor. 

Among others, they write about themselves the following:

"Everything started in Spring, 2010 when 'The Pro' started building a home movie for 'The Business Man'. 'The Pro' has done nothing else in the past 25 years, but planned and installed home cinemas and sound studios."

"About a year later, they bumped into 'The Movie Maniac', who was passionate about home theaters and all kinds of audio-video stuff. Today the three form the core of the team, backed up by a constructing team of professionals."

No one would ever anticipate what to expect when entering the modern Headquarter. High quality movie collectibles surround the visitor even at the doorstep. Although the company's website qualifies only one person with the name "The Movie Maniac", it is pretty obvious that the whole team shares the spirit.  It is simply not to be described any other way.

The Premises

The building of DREAMCINEMA was planned for this purpose and this purpose only! Although after a little restructuring it may also function as an ordinary house, it unequivocally seems that the constructor's task was to come up with a kind of collective premises. From a construction's point of view clear-out styled rooms deploy special peculiarities, cinema fans would face in their own homes too. Demo rooms show how to fight challenges, but let us not be so hasty!

The Living Room

It bows to the will of the interior designer no question about that. You can see that movie comes second in this room, and what rules here is the life of the family along with its everyday requirements. The living room is extended with an American-style kitchen open to the hall. Although it can be closed with a sliding door, most of the time, it will likely be left open, complying with the fashion of having joined areas. The walls have hard and painted surfaces and from acoustic's perspective it is not treated whatsoever. Again, it is a true living room.

Dream Cinema

The built-in 5.2 surround sound system also endeavors to leave its residential aspect untouched. Loudspeakers from Definite Technology were selected and flush mounted in a gypsum wall along with the screens and the electronics. Like in other living rooms there is a UPC set top box for watching TV.

Other sources include a Dune HDI Base 3D and a PopCorn Hour A-400 media player as well. The AVR role is played by an Anthem MRX300. Front and center speakers are provided by Definitive Technology from the in-wall/in ceiling series UIW RLS II, the backgrounds are UIW RSS II, while the 2 IWSub Reference subwoofers are powered by an IW600-BK/230 subwoofer power amplifier.

What has really amazed us and grabbed our attention was the projected image. The projector in question was a JVC X55 3D which is a rather good beamer but far from the top class. Nevertheless, at 11 a.m. with simple white curtains, the picture was more than acceptable while, after a bit of darkening, it became fantastic. Thanks to the screen which is not literally a screen but rather a unique, hard surface board, consisting of 6 special layers. The Black Diamond Theater Zero Edge 4K 14 by Screen Innovations is a mind-blowing piece of art. The 100? wide screen reduces light scatter therefore preserves the projector's contrast by allowing only the projector's light to be reflected back into the viewer's eyes. It does not have ambient light reflection problems at least not to a disturbing degree unlike those of other screens. The result is a way higher ANSI (intra-scene) contrast, (according to the producer, by 900%!). Well, we have not measured this 900% but we must admit, the difference is more than obvious. It also means that there is practically no light scatter towards the sidewalls making a movie-like experience possible in a normal, whitewashed room as well. Moreover, other light-sources of a room, table lamps for instance, do not flatten the picture either! Auxiliary light may even be useful. Ambilight lovers will be pleased to read that this screen has a similar kind of, remote controllable RGB Ambient LED lighting running around the edges!        

Screen with background ambient light?! This is a gutsy idea most manufacturers don?t even dare to dream of! With The Black Diamond, it excellently works!

In addition to this special screen, you've got a standard, motorized version of course provided by Screen Research. The MultiPix Ultra-Contrast White surface screen is remote controllable, driven by 2 individual motors, is equipped with the latest constant tab tensioning technology, as well as a top masking mechanism for 2.35:1 contents to eliminate black bars. Although a direct comparison would slightly favor the Black Diamond, Supreme 2 has got nothing to be ashamed of! Not only its features but its picture quality was just as brilliant. 

The ground floor 'living' room is an excellent example how a movie can be introduced to a place where the entire family is together, where people also live and not just watch movies.

Casting your eyes over the rooms, life-size figures in every corner and lots of smaller collectibles all over the place trumpeting the commitment to movies are hard to be missed. How crazy these folks are about home cinemas will only become crystal clear once we walk through the door of the 3rd room a bit later.

The second demonstration room is a truly dedicated home cinema with acoustic panels on the walls, floor carpet and risers. From acoustic and visual point of view it is a pre-planned, calibrated premises where both sonic and visual performance star. Neither sounds bounce around the room nor reflects the light off of the white plaster. No doubt that in here everything is about sound and projected image, and of course, about us, sitting in our armchairs.

Dream Cinema

Nevertheless, a few details were left intact on purpose here, as they normally are in an ordinary home. For example, the radiator or windows which have not got walled up. The fact that the system still works nice with them being visible verifies that home movies can be built without having to tear down the structure and the fundamental mechanical engineering of the house.

In a way, these acoustic panels simply cover and decorate the walls without altering their tracing. Speaking of decoration, we must not forget that they come in various color, or unique patterns while they can even be imprinted.

Dream Cinema

Another typical theatrical characteristic is that we are no longer seated on a sofa but in cinema seats. The upholstery and the convenience of this furniture can only be appraised! We had stroked and sat in a few so far but these are one of the fanciest. It feels good just to touch them.

Loudspeakers are no longer hidden in this theater. Not as if they were needed to be since the Paradigm Studios look awesome and sound great too. Earlier, one of our testers had already been amazed by one of the smaller series of Paradigm Monitors so it is understandable why they were welcome with optimism this time. Front speakers were a pair of Studio 100s, a CC-590 was placed for center speaker, and two of the ADP-590s dipole-bipole were hung on the sidewalls for surrounds. Two pieces of MartinLogan Dynamo 1000s delivered robust base, one of them in a down-firing, the other in a front-firing mode. They were hooked up via subwoofer cables although they are wifi capable too. The sound system was powered by an Anthem MRX500 AVR, sourced by a HDI Max and a UPC set top box. Needless to say that we could enjoy our favorite football games or television series in this rooms as well.

The image was projected onto a fixed, Deluxe velvet frame, 104" wide, 16:9 aspect ratio Stewart FireHawk G3 1.25 gain ISF and JK certified screen by a Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 260 High Contrast full HD beamer. Being relatively new to the market their projectors are the reference standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, command and control, or elite home cinema.

They manufacture and distribute an extensive and expanding line of ultra high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection system!

While most customers would be more than happy to own a room like this, there is another one adjacent to it raising the bar even higher!



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